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Red Cantonese Bear Dog: Facts&Care

You might have heard rumors about a rare, “indigenous” breed of dog swirling around the internet. They assert that this canine is rusty red, resembles a small teddy bear, and originates from Guangzhou, China. The rumors claim that these dogs are in high demand and are quickly emerging as a fashionable breed.

As might be predicted, this canine teddy bear quickly went viral, and pictures of it started to circulate on Twitter and Reddit among other social media platforms. It quickly became a contentious talking point between those who were merely in awe of their beauty and those who questioned their sincerity.

Some people asserted that they are merely an internet hoax made to attract attention or perhaps even to defraud people of their money and not a real breed. Others were convinced that it was completely accurate and that this new, rare breed already existed in China but hadn’t yet spread to the rest of the world.

What is the Red Cantonese Bear Dog?

We would need to look very far beyond the images and data currently available online to define the Red Cantonese Bear Dog breed.

Simply put, there isn’t a lot of info about them on any reputable sources, including the official Veterinary blogs, other kennel club websites, and the American Kennel Club website, among others. The Chinese Red Dog is a fascinating new dog breed that you may not have heard of before, and all the usual places you might visit to learn more about it fall short.

Basically, all of the details that are available have come from social media and various pet-related blogs, and most of those seem to be circulating the same facts over and over again, including the same set of grainy images of these red dogs.

Where Did It Come From?

They apparently originated from China, or more specifically, around the city of In Guangdong province Guangzhou. The Cantonese Bear Dog dog breed was named for the Cantonese dialect of the Chinese language, which is widely spoken in this province.

There are also other names that people sometimes use for it, for example, Chinese Red Dog, Hong Kong Mastiff, or Cantonese Mastiff,

Many people have come forward to claim that they are Cantonese Bear Dog breeders ever since their pictures began gaining significant online traction.

You would think that if these dogs were so desirable, we would already be aware of them. Why have we missed this one when China has already produced a large number of dog breeds that are well-known worldwide?

We are here to inform you of that, after all.


The Cantonese Bear Dog, also known as the Red Cantonese Bear Dog, is a medium-sized dog with a powerful and muscular body and a short red coat (occasionally they may have a different coat color, but it should lean toward).

They should always have upright ears. Although they typically grow to be medium-sized dogs with muscular bodies, they start out as puppies that are small, fluffy, and even have a somewhat feline appearance.

How big will they eventually become? Your Cantonese Bear Dog should be about the same size as a Labrador Retriever or Chow-Chow in terms of size.

Think of Chow-Cow, Shar-pei, and Cantonese Bear Dog as dogs that are similar in size, if not the same size, as being of Chinese origin and having a bear look.

They typically stand 30 to 32 inches tall at the shoulder and weigh between 70 and 85 pounds.

Similar to other dog breeds, females in this breed tend to be leaner, softer, and smaller in stature than males.

Cantonese Bear dogs typically live from 11 to 13 years.

Cantonese Bear dog


One of the most distinctive dog personalities is that of the Cantonese Bear Dog. Although this breed has a reputation for being solitary and introverted, they also enjoy playing with their owners and loved ones. Although friendly and playful, they are typically reserved around strangers. Families looking for a dog that will blend in well should definitely consider the Cantonese Bear Dog!

Cantonese Bear Dogs are amiable, devoted, and guardians. They make excellent family dogs and get along well with other animals as well. They love to run and exercise, and they are very playful. This breed thrives best in an outdoor environment where they can run around. Cantonese Bear Dogs require a great deal of mental stimulation and will quickly grow bored if left alone for an extended period of time. This breed is ideal if you want a dog who enjoys playing games with you and your family.


How much will it cost you to acquire one of these enormous red beauties? It’s crucial to research the best price for a particular breed of dog because different breeds of dogs will cost different amounts to purchase. Cantonese bear dog puppies cost anywhere between $1500 and $3000. It is a specific price point that you’d find on internet markets like Craigslist or Facebook marketplace

Is the Red Cantonese Bear Dog Real?

Unfortunately, the Red Cantonese Bear Dog is most likely a fictional dog breed.

Given how stunning they appear in the photos and how well-liked they became on social media, you will likely be disappointed with this response; we know that we were. Most people were probably immediately searching Google to learn where they could adopt one of these adorable red puppies.

We tend to believe that everything is an internet hoax, though, as there is hardly any fact-checked information on these dogs in any reliable sources.

Therefore, if any of those individuals who were passing themselves off as breeders online were to sell you a dog, it would most likely be of a completely different breed.

How to Spot a Fake

Concerned that you might be duped into a fake breeding scam? To help you distinguish between real and fake information, here are a few pointers. fake breeders and dogs.

  1. Your friend is Google. It’s time to use Google if you are unfamiliar with a dog breed or what it should look like. While there is some variation within each breed, the majority of dogs should fall within the same phenotypic range. If the breeder you’re considering has dogs that don’t resemble the breed they say they are, you’re dealing with a fake.
  2. Demand to meet the parents. If the parents are in the breeder’s possession, he or she will have no trouble introducing you to them. Breeders typically keep their female dogs and will hire sire dogs whose genetics are compatible with their dogs’. You should be able to meet at least one of the parents to ascertain whether the breeder is utilizing high-quality genetics.
  3. Please provide evidence from genetic testing. In order to determine whether a pair of dogs are suitable for breeding, qualified, ethical breeders will subject them to extensive genetic testing. Breeders with nothing to hide will not hesitate to show you this, whereas good breeders won’t have any issues with it.
  4. Check the AKC. If a breeder is claiming that their dogs are “purebred,” that breed will appear in the Dog breed information from the American Kennel Club. Find trustworthy breeders with the aid of the AKC’s resources.

If You Are Ready to Get a Cantonese Bear Dog


To truly be certain that you can afford to own a dog, you must be honest about your lifestyle, finances, and time management before getting a dog.

Ownership of a dog entails giving another living being the proper care it needs for a number of years, and frequently for more than a decade.

This is why you should choose a breed that you get along with. A breed that can accompany you on runs may be something you want to get if you are an avid runner.

Always assess the dog’s abilities and confirm that your lifestyle and the dog’s exercise requirements are compatible. To that end, be certain that the Cantonese Bear Dog is the right breed for you.

Let’s examine the advantages and disadvantages of owning a Cantonese Bear Dog.

Pros of Owning a Cantonese Bear Dog

Cantonese Bear Dog ownership has its advantages and disadvantages, just like owning a dog of any breed.

Even though they are among the most devoted dogs around, they are not necessarily the best choice for every household.

Consider getting a Cantonese Bear Dog if you want a canine that resembles a cat and has strong territorial instincts.

Here are some of the most positive traits of owning a Cantonese Bear Dog:

  • They are highly loyal
  • They are protective
  • They are very intelligent
  • Training them is great if you have experience with training dogs
  • They will bond firmly with their humans
  • They do not require a lot of grooming

Let’s now examine the drawbacks of owning this breed.

Cons of Owning a Cantonese Bear Dog

Every dog possesses some qualities that are simple to adore and fall in love with.

While most of their characteristics are admirable and simple to identify, some call for deeper comprehension, more rigorous training, or simply a more seasoned dog owner.

These characteristics aren’t necessarily negative, but they should be taken into account when considering getting a Cantonese Bear Dog.

Here are the most common cons of owning a Cantonese Bear Dog:

  • They tend to be clingy and possessive
  • May be aggressive toward other dogs
  • May be aggressive toward strangers
  • Without proper training and socialization, they may be hard to handle

Where Do You Find a Cantonese Bear Dog for Sale?

Although they can be found all over the world, including the United States, Cantonese Bear Dogs are most popular in Asia.

Since they are a rare breed, it can be challenging to find them in neighborhood shelters, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look.

You might be surprised to learn that some of the world’s rarest dogs wind up in animal shelters for a variety of reasons.

After all, even if you search shelters for Cantonese Bear dogs, you might end up bringing home any purebred or mixed dog who manages to win your heart with a single adorable glance.

Congratulations to you if you are considering adoption, which is a very human action.

It will take a lot of work and additional research to find a reputable dog breeder if you want to purchase a Cantonese Bear Dog.

You should only do business with ethical dog breeders when you want to purchase a dog.

If you don’t live close to a particular breeder, keep in mind before you find a reputable Cantonese Bear Dog breeder that you may have to travel far from home to pick up your cuddly Fido.

The search for a breeder is just the beginning; the next step is to confirm that the breeder you are working with is ethical.

Here are some tips on how to recognize a responsible dog breeder:

  • They will show you the facilities
  • You will get to meet the bitch
  • Facilities will be clean and well-organized
  • All puppies will be together with the bitch
  • There is only one breed around and nor multi breeds
  • They will show you medical documentation on the puppy

Puppy mills should be avoided if there are any signs of improper dog handling, filthy facilities, or puppies (and the bitch) with poor appearances and weight.

Both the health and quality of life of the puppies and the bitch are negatively impacted by puppy mills. Puppy mills will also be quick to hand you the puppy and never have any records about the puppy.

To ensure that you are a good match for their dog, ethical breeders will ask you a lot of questions.

Make sure to take your Cantonese Bear Dog to the vet for a thorough examination as soon as you get a dog.

This is a fantastic way for your dog to become accustomed to handling. Make sure to reward good behavior by giving your dog a treat afterward.

How to Train Your Cantonese Bear Dog?

For the Cantonese Bear Dog to succeed, proper training and early socialization are essential, just like for any other breed.

Training and appropriate socialization are what makes a dog a good canine citizen as opposed to one who is well-behaved.

Did you know that dogs can learn basic commands as early as eight weeks of age?

For this reason, getting a puppy before this time is not an option. Any responsible dog breeder will decline to give you the dog before the puppies are eight weeks old because the early weeks are crucial for every puppy and their bitch mother.

You should begin training your dog as soon as you get him. Make sure your training sessions are brief, enjoyable, reward-based, and consistent.

The Cantonese Bear Dog is a fantastic breed to train in the hands of a knowledgeable dog trainer.

You will have a challenging dog to handle if you don’t train this breed in a timely manner.

Your Cantonese Bear Dog will be quick to obey and able to complete even the most difficult tricks quickly if it attaches to you.

Make sure to begin Fido’s training as soon as possible to make your life as a dog owner easier.

By the time the socialization window ends, your dog should know the following:

  • How to walk on a leash
  • House dog rules
  • What home areas are allowed and which are off-limits
  • How to behave around home visitors
  • How to interact with children if any around
  • How to use pee walks
  • Basic commands, such as sit

You can take your dog to the dog park and let him interact with other dogs once your vet gives the all-clear.

Make sure you get enough exercise. Your Cantonese Bear Dog needs regular exercise that lasts one to two hours in addition to training sessions.

Groom Your Cantonese Bear Dog Regularly

If you give your Cantonese Bear Dog regular grooming sessions, they are a low-maintenance breed.

If you have the proper grooming tools on hand, brushing their fluffy, soft coat is simple.

Since their coats are dense, always check them for fleas and look for any signs of skin infections on the skin.

The rest is regular grooming:

  • Provide weekly brushing
  • Clean ears when needed
  • Bathe only when needed
  • Trim or grind nails monthly
  • Check gums weekly
  • Check eyes daily for any sign of eye discharge

Regularly brush the teeth of your dog if your veterinarian advises it.

Use only toothpaste and shampoo made specifically for dogs.

Dogs have different skin from humans and do not require frequent baths, so do not overdo bathing times unless it is truly necessary.

Chinese Dog Breeds

Despite the fact that the red Cantonese bear dog does not exist, there are many stunning Chinese dog breeds to choose from. Here are a few options you might take into account if you’re looking for a unique and interesting breed.



Known for its deeply wrinkled face and devoted nature, the Sharpei is a large dog breed from Southern China. The Sharpei is best suited for a family with prior working dog experience and is traditionally used as livestock and home guardians. It requires firm, consistent training.



The Pekingese is a toy breed that was developed to serve as a pet for the Chinese aristocracy at the Imperial Court. Similar to pugs with long fur, which also happen to be from China, these little dogs are sweet but occasionally aggressive.

Chinese Crested Dog

Chinese Crested Dog

One of the world’s few partially hairless dog breeds, Chinese crested dogs have one of the most distinctive appearances. A mostly hairless dog with a crest of hair along the tail, back, and top of the head, these dogs also sometimes have furry “boots” that make them especially stylish in winter. Avoiding sunburn and the cold is the main concern with this breed of a sweet little dog, which makes it ideal for families and older people.

The Bottom Line

We hope that this article has helped to clarify the ongoing discussion regarding whether the Red Cantonese Bear Dog is a legitimate dog breed, whether you already had your doubts or not.

Ensure that a Cantonese Bear Dog is the right breed for you. In light of this, consider the advantages and disadvantages to decide if the Cantonese Bear Dog is the right breed for you.

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