Anal Gland Smell

10 Tips Tell You How To Get Rid Of Anal Gland Smell

There are many great things about having a dog, but getting rid of the dog anal gland smell is not one of them. Dogs communicate using their anal glands. Dogs can mark their territory by using these glands’ scent. Anal glands can become infected or blocked, just like any other gland in the body. They might need to be manually expressed at times. Call your veterinarian and tell them about the issue your dog is having in that case. In the meantime, you can learn more about dog anal gland smell here.

What Are Dog Anal Glands?

Specialized glands called dog anal glands are situated on either side of your dog’s anus. They exist in both sexes and, on occasion, can be problematic. Specialized sweat glands known as anal glands or anal sacs release an offensive-smelling secretion. They help your dog leave a “scent marker.”

The Reason Behind My Dog’s Fishy Odor

Anal glands emit a fairly distinctive scent. Most dog owners describe it as smelling “fishy.” If you ever notice your dog smells like fish, there are two possible reasons; they have rolled in some fish or have anal sac problems, and you will need to get rid of the fishy smell from the dog.

The most prevalent cause of your dog smelling like fish is anal sac disease, but there are other causes as well. Most veterinarians refer to problems with the anal glands using that phrase. If that happens, you will most likely notice your dog smells like fish, and the natural thing to think about is how to get rid of that fishy smell from your dog. Some of the common anal sac diseases that cause your dog to smell like fish are;


A small amount of secretion needs to be removed from each feces your dog makes. The anal sacs don’t always empty entirely. Impactions can occur if the fluid inside them dries up. Anal sacs in obese and dogs with soft stools don’t empty properly, necessitating frequent visits to the vet.

Anal Sac Infections

Since anal sacs are glands, they are susceptible to infection. Untreated infections have a tendency to spread and become abscesses. That might cause a rupture or other health problems. If your dog develops abscesses, he needs medical care right away.


Tumors are a potential complication of anal sac glands. In that case, a biopsy will need to be done, and your veterinarian will need to give you guidance on how to proceed with the treatment. The anal sacs in your dog’s body can’t empty due to tumors, which can lead to a variety of health issues.

If you notice that your dog has a distinct fishy odor, seek immediate medical attention from your veterinarian. All of these health issues can contribute to this odor.

How To Get Rid Of Anal Gland Smell?

1. Start With A Bath

It will remove loose hairs and give you a fresh start before cleaning if you start with the source of the smell, which is your pet. If it’s a nice day, take your dog outside to prevent the smell of a wet dog from spreading throughout your house.

While you start working, your dog can sanitize and dry in the sun. Now that Fido is out of the way, you can begin by cleaning the dog’s belongings.

2. Gather Your Dog’s Belongings

If you want to get rid of the dog odor, it’s time to disinfect everything your dog enjoys. You can clean their bowls, toys, blankets, and even leashes to get rid of bacteria and dander.

You can prevent more odor from entering the air while you are cleaning the rest of the space by taking these items out of the way first.

You can wash fabrics in the washer and use a non-toxic cleaner to clean bowls and other hard objects. When it’s all cleaned up, move everything outside to make room for additional cleaning.

3. Get Out The Mop

Mopping picks up even more dirt and hair residue, so put the vacuum on hold once more. Your dog’s park romp may have left behind invisible paw prints and dirt on hard surfaces.

To completely get rid of odors brought on by bacteria, mopping also disinfects.

Once you’ve mopped the floor, open the windows to quickly dry it, let the odors out, and let some fresh air in.

4. Get A Washing

More than anything else, fabrics are good at holding odors. Take any fabric that can be removed and washed, such as couch covers, pillowcases, curtains, sheets, and even clothing. Once your dog’s items are done, throw them in the washer.

To prevent recontamination, wait to replace the fabrics until you are finished cleaning.

5. Use An Air Purifier

Bad odors and bacteria can occasionally just hang around in the air. Are you curious about a permanent solution to dog odor removal? Purchase a top-notch air purifier.

Before it sticks to floors and furniture, this will remove dander and even hair directly from the air. If you, your friends, or your family members are allergic to dogs, this is especially great.

The use of indoor plants, which naturally filter the air, can replace air purifiers. However, you can’t count on plants to absorb dog hair.

Anal Gland Smell

6. Sweep The Floors

The best place to start when trying to eliminate dog odor in your home is with the hair. In your home, hair can spread oils, dander, and other contaminants.

Get extra hair up with a broom instead of going crazy with the vacuum before you start. You won’t need to empty your vacuum as frequently and big clumps of hair won’t blow around if you do this.

The messiest areas can occasionally be overlooked by vacuuming, where they end up under the furniture. For very hairy dogs, sweeping is much more effective.

7. Vacuum Time

How do you get dog odor out of the carpet now that the floors are clean? When you have a pet, a good vacuum cleaner is a must.

Ascertain that the bristles are on the lowest setting, the container is empty, and the suction is clear. Once you’ve started, be careful not to miss a spot.

Several times go over the areas where the dog usually naps and plays. Don’t forget to check underneath furniture, on top of shelves, and on lampshades. If there is furniture that cannot be washed, you can vacuum it with an attachment.

8. Add Some Fragrance

Add a fresh scent once your home is thoroughly cleaned and after you’ve done everything you can.

Natural candles or incense can mask any odors that linger, especially after you let your dried dog back inside your freshly cleaned home.

9. Do A Black Light Test

You never know when or where your pet may have used your carpet as a bathroom or wastebasket when they are left alone at home.

Using a blacklight, trouble spots that might require expert cleaning can be identified. Urine or vomit that has settled into carpet and rug fibers can be removed by steam cleaning these areas.

Even the furniture can be examined to determine how to remove dog odor from the couch. Steam cleaning is an additional option for couches.

However, it might be time to buy a new couch if your old one is stained. Make use of a couch cover this time.

10. Paint With Odour Sealer

An odor-sealing paint will at least get rid of the smell if your dog lifted his leg up onto your walls.

The only other choice would be to replace the drywall, which can be expensive and time-consuming.