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Do Dobermans Shed? Shedding Tips & Solutions

Yes, Dobermans do shed somewhat. It’s normal for Dobermans to shed occasionally, but some dogs may do so more frequently than others. Particularly during pregnancy, female Dobermans shed more than males.

How Mach Do Doberman Shed?

Doberman Pinchers are moderate shedders. They shed about the same amount all year. They are a single-coated dog breed, which means that, unlike other breeds, they don’t have an undercoat that needs to be shed twice a year.

Dobermans shed moderately, so you should anticipate cleaning up after your dog once per week. Their fur is shorter and won’t stick to your furniture or your clothes, unlike breeds with fluffy coats. Pitbulls and Dobermans both have single coats and shed similarly. If you want a medium-sized dog that doesn’t shed as much as a Labrador or other dogs of comparable size, Dobermans are a great alternative.

Doberman Pinscher Coats

Dobermans only require light grooming because they have a single coat. Because Dobermans are believed to be a low-shedding dog breed, many people want to adopt one. Actually, this is not the case. However, they won’t be as noticeable because of their shorter coats. They shed the same amount year-round because they are a single-coated breed. Dogs with undercoats, like Golden Retrievers, shed a lot twice a year, increasing the need for upkeep and cleanup.

Doberman Coat Colors

When it comes to show, the Doberman can only use a maximum of four colors. Black and Rust (black and tan), Red and Rust (brown and tan), Blue and Rust (silver and tan), and Fawn and Rust (lighter brown and tan) are the only four recognized coat colors, though some breeders will permit other colors.

The coat color of your Doberman will have no impact on its shedding frequency. According to the color of your clothing, furniture, and flooring, it will typically manifest more or less frequently. Even though it’s practically impossible to match your furniture to your dog’s coat color, darker furniture that matches your dog’s coat will obviously do a better job of concealing your dog’s fur.

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Why Do Doberman Shed?

Some dogs can shed a lot even though they tend to shed moderately. Every dog is different in the precise cause of its shedding. In addition, there are outside factors that could make your dog shed more frequently than other dogs. Some of the factors that contribute to Dobies’ excessive shedding are listed below.

Skin Allergies

Dobermans aren’t an exception; many dogs lose their hair as a result of skin issues or allergies.

Perhaps the worst ailment is demodectic mange. Your pet develops unsightly bald patches all over its body as a result of this condition.

Dobermans may experience gradual hair loss due to parasites like fleas and Giardia.


The general health of your dog is greatly influenced by its diet. A balanced diet is necessary for all dogs. Excessive hair loss in Dobermans can be brought on by a deficiency in vital vitamins and minerals. Additionally, abruptly introducing new foods can cause hair loss.


Particularly for Dobermans with sensitive skin, not all shampoos are best for your dog. Some shampoos contain harmful chemicals that can harm your dog’s skin. Consequently, your Doberman experiences significant hair loss.


Hair loss may be a sign that your Doberman is ill. Cancer, for instance, can cause dogs to shed abnormally or to completely lose their fur.

Alopecia, which can result in hair loss, is a condition that can affect Doberman Pinschers.

If you are unsure of what is causing your dog to shed, it is best to speak with your veterinarian.


One of the main causes of excessive hair loss in Dobermans is stress. Different factors may contribute to your dog’s anxiety and stress. These include getting a new home, living in unfavorable conditions, missing a family member, changing routines, or adding a new member to the family, such as a child, visitor, or pet.

Dobermans who are not properly groomed can also shed excessively. Your Doberman needs to have his coat brushed at least once per week.

How To Manage Doberman Shedding

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Dobermans shed, so you’ll need to learn how to control it.

In addition to wanting their homes to be tidy, all pet parents want their Dobermans to be happy. Keeping the amount of dog fur in the house under control is one way to maintain a clean house.

The following advice will help you control your Doberman’s shedding.


Through regular brushing and grooming, you can significantly reduce your Doberman’s shedding. Grooming your Doberman is very easy; it only takes a few minutes, and you’re done.

To brush your dog, use a rubber grooming mitt or a stiff bristle brush. To remove stray hair from your Doberman’s coat, do this once per week. You will consequently notice less or no hair in your home.

During the seasons when your Doberman sheds a lot, increase the frequency of brushing and grooming.

Grooming your Doberman improves blood circulation and distributes natural oils evenly throughout the coat in addition to making the coat look nice. This improves the appearance and general health of your dog.


Your Doberman may benefit more from routine bathing than other dog breeds. The loss of natural oils from your dog’s skin and coat due to frequent bathing can irritate his skin and eventually result in hair loss.

Once a month bathing is suggested for Dobermans. Make sure to clean your dog with warm water.

Use Appropriate Shampoo

Since Dobermans have sensitive skin, avoid bathing them with commercial-grade shampoos.

Choose a shampoo designed for dogs with sensitive skin because it won’t irritate your dog’s skin. Oatmeal-based shampoos are a great choice because they help to soothe and calm the skin.

On Dobermans, stay away from anti-shed shampoos. These canine breeds don’t have double coats and shed only moderate amounts.

Proper Nutrition

To have lustrous coats, Dobermans need to consume the necessary nutrients.

Invest in dog foods that have the appropriate amounts of proteins, omega-3 fatty acids, and other minerals. With a well-balanced diet, your Doberman will live a long, healthy life with little shedding.

Bloat is a common issue with Dobermans. To lessen or prevent bloat, make sure to give them wet food in addition to their dry kibble. Slow feeders also prevent Dobermans from gulping down their food and becoming bloated.


All the nutrients your Doberman needs should be in the dog food. But you should try giving your dog extra supplements in the form of dog supplements if you think their food is deficient in the right vitamins and minerals.

Your Doberman coat can benefit from certain supplements. For instance, fish oil-based multivitamin supplements provide omega-3 fatty acids, which support your dog’s development of a healthy coat. Excessive shedding is unlikely to affect such Dobies.

Serve your Doberman kibble with sardines or olive oil to keep your dog’s coat healthy at all times.

Never give supplements to your dog without your doctor’s approval. The vet must examine your Dobie and make appropriate supplement recommendations.


Because they are guard dogs, Doberman pinschers require regular exercise as well as a balanced diet. These exercises assist in enhancing their blood circulation, which in turn stimulates the hair follicles, greatly enhancing the health of your dog’s coat.

Deworming your dog is another method for reducing Doberman shedding. Your dog may begin to bald from certain parasites. Such parasites can be removed through deworming, which will also stop excessive shedding.

do dobermans shed3

Frequently Asked Questions

Have we yet to address your queries about Doberman Pinscher shedding? We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions in an effort to anticipate them. Please feel free to comment if there is anything we’ve forgotten to mention here.

Why is my Doberman Shedding So Much?

It depends, but routine changes or new stressors in a dog’s life are typically the main causes of excessive shedding in Dobermans. Your dog may shed significantly more than usual if you recently adopted a new dog, had a baby, or experienced anything else that could have an impact on your Doberman’s regular routine.


What can I do to stop my Doberman from losing so much hair?

You’ll never “stop” your Doberman from shedding. They have a single coat and are perpetual shedders. By using the advice and solutions we’ve provided above, you can lessen it.

When does Doberman Shedding Season begin?

All year long, Dobermans shed. No matter the season, they don’t shed more than usual. There’s no “long-haired” version of a a double-coated Doberman would be. You can confidently anticipate dealing with the same volume of fur loss throughout the entire year.

Does the Blue Doberman Pinscher shed more than the other coat colors?

There’s no documented evidence showing a A Doberman’s loss of fur is not affected by whether its coat is red, blue, black, or fawn. Each one of them lost the same amount of weight. Their frequency of shedding is affected by environmental changes much more frequently than the color of their coat.

Dobermans shed more than other guardian breeds?

Dobermans actually have less shed than many other guardian breeds. When properly groomed, their fur is actually much more manageable when compared to the German Shepherd or the Rottweiler.


Final Thoughts

Shedding should be the last thing on your mind if you’re thinking about bringing a Doberman Pinscher home. With regular brushing, bathing, and the use of a specially formulated dog shampoo, their shedding tendencies can be easily controlled. The Doberman can be an ideal family companion or mess-free home guardian if you establish regular grooming habits.