Can Dogs Eat Couscous? Is It Safe Or Not?

Yes, dogs can eat couscous in small amounts. Considering that it doesn’t have all the nutrients your dog needs, it shouldn’t be fed in large quantities. In addition to selenium, magnesium, and vitamin B6, couscous also has protein and fiber. Because couscous is made from wheat, it is not gluten-free. Dogs can eat plain, cooked couscous because it is not a food that is toxic to dogs, as long as they do not have wheat or gluten sensitivities.

Health Benefit Of Couscous For Dogs

Yes, plain cooked couscous is full of nutrients that are good for your dog. However, you should still watch how much of it they consume because dogs who consume a diet high in calories and carbs run the risk of gaining too much weight (and the associated negative health effects).

Due to its high protein, fiber, selenium, magnesium, and vitamin B6 content, couscous is a healthier grain.

Selenium is well known for assisting with cell health and even assisting in the fight against cancer. Please keep in mind that dogs can also become toxic from excess selenium, which is why it’s crucial to only feed your dog small amounts of couscous.

Potential Hazards Of Couscous For Dogs

Couscous can be poisonous to dogs if it has been seasoned and spiced. The best option is always plain, cooked couscous. Give no couscous, fresh or powdered, that has been seasoned with garlic or onions. Before adding broth to the couscous that you intend to serve to your dog, always check the ingredient labels as meat or vegetable broths may also contain garlic and onion.

Although salt is one of the most popular seasonings for human food, dogs should not be given overly salted food. A large salt intake can cause kidney issues, thirst, and frequent urination.

Sharing small amounts of couscous occasionally with your dog is safe. It shouldn’t, however, replace a diet consisting of nutritionally balanced dog food or be given to your dog on a regular basis.

How Much Should I Feed My Dog In Couscous?

Whether you’re serving couscous as a treat or a homemade meal will determine how to proceed. This is a great place to start: one tablespoon of couscous per nine pounds of body weight. To make it right for your dog, you will need to adjust the dosage. Dogs vary in their requirements for meat.

As you can see, even when feeding it as part of a meal, you shouldn’t be feeding your dog very much couscous. Typically, we advise giving only a tablespoon as a snack once per day.

You don’t want to give your dog too much couscous because this may limit their access to other foods.


Mixing Couscous With Other Foods

Before serving couscous to their dog, many people will mix it with other foods. For this, lean meats work best because they balance out the snack or meal. The couscous can, however, be combined with any other canine-safe dish.

Couscous can be used as the meal’s carbohydrate component by dog owners who feed their pets a homemade diet. This food is a better choice than some others, like rice, because it is also somewhat high in protein.

If you intend to use this food as a substantial snack or meal, we advise combining it with some protein. The best choice is lean meat, but there are others, like Greek yogurt.


Can Dogs Eat Plain Couscous

Yes, dogs can safely eat small amounts of plain couscous. Giving them a small serving of couscous is safe as long as it is prepared without additional salt, sugar, or dangerous spices.

Can Dogs Eat Israeli Couscous

You can feed Israeli or pearl couscous to your dog without worrying. You can even use it in homemade dog food in moderation. Simply combine some cooked couscous with some meat and vegetables for a wholesome meal.

Can Dogs Eat Whole Wheat Couscous

As long as they don’t have a gluten allergy or sensitivity, dogs can eat whole wheat couscous. Balance out the couscous with some vegetables and meats that have been cooked simply.

Can Dogs Eat Cooked Couscous

Yes, dogs can eat cooked couscous as long as it is prepared in a way that is safe for dogs.

Dogs don’t need additional salt in their food, so don’t oversalt it. Avoid using anything spicy, and keep garlic and onions out of your dog’s food.

Basically, you can feed your dog plain couscous with some meat and vegetables.

Can Dogs Eat Uncooked Couscous

What about uncooked couscous? Can dogs eat it raw?

Your dog won’t likely want to eat uncooked couscous even though it won’t harm them. The majority of dogs prefer the softer cooked couscous to the crunchy raw pearls.

This dog-friendly recipe for couscous chicken and vegetables is a really healthy way to prepare a dish that your dog will enjoy.


Couscous is one of the healthiest grains you can give your pet out of all the varieties of grains you can give them. You still want to moderate how much they eat when eating high-fiber and grain-based foods to prevent them from gaining too much weight.

Couscous that has been cooked in its natural state is a nutritious choice if you like to feed human foods to your pet.