can cats have bacon

Can Cats Have Bacon? Is It Safe For My Cat?

Technically, the answer is yes, but feeding our cats too much bacon could have some negative long-term effects. If you want to spoil your cat with some tasty foods, there are much better options than bacon.

The Basics About Bacon

As you can probably tell from the nutritional facts, bacon isn’t exactly a healthy treat for your cat. It has a high sodium content due to the salt used in the curing process, which is known to increase the risk of heart disease and high blood pressure in humans.

Although these associations haven’t been established in cats, their daily sodium requirements are much lower than ours, and high levels can result in salt poisoning. Additionally, bacon contains a lot of fat, which you should avoid giving your pet.

Bacon is a good source of protein, which your cat needs for growth and tissue repair. Additionally, potassium, which plays a variety of roles in the health of your cat’s heart, bones, and muscles, is present in good amounts in this food.

The high phosphorous content of bacon should keep bones strong and benefit kidney function. Additionally, the B vitamins and the antioxidant selenium are both abundant in bacon. These may seem like great advantages, but for cats, the nutritional drawbacks of bacon outweigh them by a wide margin.

Benefits Of Bacon For Cats

You might believe that giving your perfect princess bacon occasionally is a treatment based on the nutritional information for this food. Because of the numerous vitamins and minerals in bacon as well as the fact that cats need protein in their diet, bacon is a very beneficial food.

In actuality, there are much healthier cat foods available that still provide the same nutrients.

Cooked turkey or chicken breast, for instance, contains significantly less salt and fat while still being delicious to your cat. Remember that they will already be receiving the nutrients they require to maintain their health if their main cat food is nutritionally complete.

can cats have bacon

Hazards Of Bacon For Cats

It is well known that bacon isn’t particularly healthy. It contains a lot of sodium, fat, and calories.

Since too much sodium can have very harmful effects, salt poisoning in animals is a serious concern. By adding bacon to their diet, cats are ingesting way too much sodium because they get all the sodium they require from balanced cat food. Dehydration, hypertension, and even potentially fatal seizures can all be brought on by excessive salt intake.

Bacon has a high-fat content, so even a small piece can make you throw up or have other digestive issues. Additionally, consuming too many calories can result in obesity.

Even though your cat’s ancestors survived on raw meat, it’s best to keep raw bacon away from your cat because it might contain dangerous bacteria. The safer choice is almost always cooked meat.

Should Cats Eat Bacon?

Can cats eat bacon, then? Technically, bacon can make our cats sick right away (more on that later), but the bigger issue is that bacon can have some detrimental long-term effects on our cats. Many cats spend a lot more time sleeping than hunting or playing, especially as they get older and are only allowed inside. To make up for their lack of movement, they really need a careful nutrition profile.

There isn’t much time for the cat’s body to expend a substantial amount of calories in bacon or any other pork products with a sleeping schedule of 16 to 20 hours per day (yes, you read that right). Salt and fat are particularly high in bacon, which isn’t any healthier for animals than it is for humans.

Simply put, eating too much salt can lead to the following conditions for your cat:

  1. High blood pressure
  2. Obesity
  3. Dehydration
  4. Clogged blood vessels

Can Cats Eat Turkey Bacon?

Turkey bacon consumed by cats is not a superior substitute for regular bacon. Due to the high sodium content and preservatives needed to produce the product, turkey bacon should also only be given to cats in very small doses.

Can Cats Consume Bits Of Bacon?

You might also be wondering, “So, are bits of bacon safe for cats to eat?” For the same reasons that highly processed, sodium-rich products are not ideal for your cat’s health, you should avoid the fake bacon bits that you might sprinkle on salads.

Can Cats Eat Raw Bacon?

You can occasionally give your cat a piece of raw bacon, though it’s generally advisable to thoroughly cook any type of pork product to avoid parasites. However, there are still no real health advantages, so you are strongly advised to speak with a vet or veterinary nutritionist before giving your cat any kind of raw meat.

Can Cats Eat Bacon as Treats?

So, when should you feed the cat bacon? When hiding pills temporarily or as a high-level reward (such as following a nail-trimming session or trip to the vet), bacon and ham are especially effective. Keep in mind that your cat will probably appreciate it more if it is an occasional treat.

“We love our pets and want to give them treats, but we often don’t think about treats from a caloric standpoint,” says John P. Loftus, Ph.D., DVM, Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine “Better to express our love in other ways besides food because it adds up over time.”

can cats have bacon

Can A Cat Eat A Lot Of Bacon?

Although it’s best to avoid giving your cat bacon, a small piece every now and then probably won’t hurt it.

Cats shouldn’t ideally consume bacon. However, a small amount of bacon once shouldn’t be harmful to your cat. As a result, you needn’t be too concerned if your cunning cat accidentally sneaks some when you’re not looking. It’s best to stay away from it as a treat and choose other low-fat, low-salt foods instead.

If you choose to feed your cat a small amount of bacon, be sure to cook it rather than serve it raw, and trim off any visible fat.

To lessen the possibility of giving your pet stomach aches, any bacon grease should be absorbed. Even if your cat likes the taste, a piece the size of your little fingernail is plenty to offer.

The Frequency Of Cat Bacon Consumption

It’s best to avoid giving your cat any bacon at all. No matter what type of bacon you give your cat—streaky, back, turkey, or even bacon bits—it won’t give them any nutrients they can’t get from healthier foods.

If you really want to feed your cat bacon, you should only give a very small amount, and make sure the bacon is cooked and the fat has been rendered. Giving your cat bacon once a month won’t likely do any harm, even though you shouldn’t do it frequently.

How Does Bacon Taste To Cats?

Bacon is frequently a favorite food of cats. Most cats can’t get enough of it, perhaps because of the saltiness or the smokiness. Needless to say, it’s nice to give our cats the delectable treats they enjoy, so this is unfortunate.

Making choices to maintain your furry friend’s health is, however, the most crucial aspect of being a pet parent.

How To Prevent Your Cat From Eating Bacon

Bacon-flavored cat treats or cat food may help your cat satisfy their cravings if they beg for it and you find it difficult to resist its charms. If your cat has never tried bacon or shown any interest in it, you might want to steer clear of that flavor, in general, to prevent them from picking up your breakfast when you’re not looking.

Let your friends and family know about the potentially toxic effects bacon might have on cats. They won’t be as likely to sneak your pet a taste once they are aware of the risks. Try to keep your cat out of the room if you live with children when bacon is being served. When bacon is being prepared, consumed, thrown away, or stored, keep an eye on it. After cooking, discard the bacon grease immediately. If you prefer another option, think about putting your cat in a different room whenever the bacon is ready.

can cats have bacon


Bacon is a favorite food of many people. Cats enjoy it too, so it’s a very popular food! However, there are much better options than bacon if you want to spoil your cat with some delectable foods.

Though it may seem cruel, picking a dish with less salt and fat will ultimately be better for your cat’s health. So feel free to occasionally spoil your feline companion, but make sure to first check with your veterinarian to ensure that what you’re giving is secure.


What Happens If Your Cat Eats A Lot Of Bacon?

You might notice that your cat gets an upset stomach and eventually throws up if he unintentionally consumes a significant amount of the bacon you were planning to serve to guests at a brunch (so be careful where you step). However, he will probably be fine, and hopefully, you have extra bacon to cook for your guests.

Can Cooked Bacon Be Eaten By Kittens?

Regardless of whether it is cooked or raw, you shouldn’t give your kitten bacon. To ensure that kittens get all the nutrients they need to develop and grow, kitten food should be nutritionally balanced. Giving treats on occasion is acceptable, but they should be treats and not leftovers.

Is Bacon A Component Of Commercial Cat Food?

Although bacon isn’t used in commercial cat foods, it can occasionally be found in cat treats. This could be a result of bacon’s potent flavor and aroma, which make it particularly alluring to your cat.

However, as with all treats, bacon should only be given in moderation. Bacon as part of a cat treat won’t hurt the cat.